With recruitment fraud on the rise in the market, it's crucial for individuals navigating the job market to remain informed about prevalent scams and protect themselves accordingly. Recruitment fraud often involves offering fake job opportunities and is typically executed via unauthorized websites, emails, text messages, or fake interviews conducted through online messaging platforms, falsely claiming to be from CAE. If you have received any CAE-related communication that seems suspicious or raises concerns about its legitimacy, we urge you to exercise caution and verify the authenticity of the sender.   

Consider the following when assessing the legitimacy of communication purportedly from CAE or a CAE representative: 

  • We encourage verifying the credentials of anyone claiming to represent CAE by ensuring that their email includes their first name, middle or last name, and that the email address ends with @cae.com or @caemilusa.com. 

  • CAE does not request monetary payments, visa, or application fees to initiate employment.  

  • CAE does not request personal information, such as passport, credit card, and banking information during the recruitment phase. If any such information is needed, it will only be requested after the official employment letter has been signed using our official communication channels or Workday portal. 

  • CAE does not extend job offers without prior job interviews conducted by CAE employees. 

  • CAE does not request candidates to purchase equipment or software. 

  • CAE makes job offers only after a thorough interview process, which may include phone or video interviews. 

  • Genuine CAE job openings are listed on our careers page at https://careers.cae.com/global/en or French website. Any job listing not found on our Careers website is likely not authentic. 

  • Be alert to unusual or incorrect grammar, as it can signify fraudulent activity. 

Be cautious if you encounter requests for personal, financial, or security information. Such communications could be scams by individuals pretending to represent CAE, possibly leading to identity theft or fraud. If you receive dubious texts, emails, or messages, please report them to rh-hr@cae.com