Digital Accelerator (DA)

Revolutionizing and elevating the training experience

In 2018, CAE announced an investment of C$1 billion over the next five years in innovation to stay at the forefront of the training industry. One of the main objectives of this investment was to fund a digital transformation project to develop the next-generation training solutions for aviation, defence & security and healthcare.

The Digital Accelerator Team is one of the solutions to expedite this digital transformation. It is organized in multidisciplinary sub-teams called “Digital Lighthouses”. The team is focused on elevating the training experience around the world for all of our customers embarking on a journey with us.

The open-space environment where employees of this team work fosters the Agile methodology, allowing creativity to emerge while facilitating collaboration among the different teams.
Design Our team of CX, UX and UI Designers works closely with the Customer Journey Owner to create every aspect of a delightful training experience that will meet customer needs, journey vision and objectives.

In order to ensure a great experience, iterations are done with user-testing and customer feedback.

Being part of a multidisciplinary team, the Designers collaborate and innovate with the Technical & Data Science teams to deliver iteratively and with impact.
Analytics Our Analytics team of Data Scientists, Engineers and Analysts points toward the next horizon of growth in CAE’s digital innovation by feeding the ecosystem with relevant and accurate data. Their work enables decision-making in the development of training experiences.
Technical Our team of Front-End & Full-Stack Developers and Software Architecture experts develop and deploy solutions that allow our customers to have a smoother training experience with no technical barriers, so they can keep training and become the best they can be.
Agile Speed is one of the key principles in delivering our projects. Our team of Agile Coaches make sure the pace is maintained by streamlining processes, removing impediments for the team as well as championing an Agile mindset and principles.

CAE’s Agile Coaches work closely with design, technical and data science teams to deliver results and outcomes to customers more rapidly and efficiently.
Customer focus and Digital Products
Our Lighthouses are guided by a Customer Journey Owner who offers constant business insight and customer feedback to make sure we are connected to what matters – the customer experience.

With an action-oriented mindset and a priority placed on signature moments, the team seeks to enhance specific touchpoints with the objective of improving the overall customer experience.

The Digital Product Managers and the Journey Owners work hand in hand to improve the customer experience. They are responsible for delivering digital solutions in line with the business outcomes and the desired customer experience.

As the owners of the delivery of product and features, they are involved throughout the end-to-end design and development cycle. They also define the products strategy in line with the business and customer experience strategies and lead the user testings.