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Employee Resource Groups

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EmbRACE EmbRACE encourages every employee in every CAE location to promote a culture of diversity and inclusion within CAE, while raising awareness about racial discrimination.
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Insignia Encourage and assist veterans in seeking out and establishing careers throughout CAE and capitalize on the experiences, skill and dedication they acquired through their service.
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Mozaic Support parents of children with special needs in the workplace, empower them to benefit from each other’s experiences and resources.
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Prism Provide a supportive framework for our LGBTQ2+ staff and Allies by representing their views and promoting a culture of diversity and inclusion both internally and externally.
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LIFT Encourage the development and advancement of women employed at CAE in the fields of aviation, engineering and technology, and assist in removing barriers in order to support their individual success.
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Professional Women's Network Promote the development of women at CAE and to raise awareness of the importance of diversity via activities centred around two strategic pillars: professional development and well being.

Watch what our employees and CEO have to say about diversity and inclusion

"Diversity is important to me, first and foremost because it’s the right thing to do. And I say that as a father. The last thing I would want is for my son to have more opportunities than my two daughters would have. They should be able to rise to their potential. And as a business, it is critical because we want to be able to tap into the full talent pool in order to grow our business."
​​​​​​​- Marc Parent, President and CEO
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Parity Certification In 2023, CAE was awarded the Gold-level certification by Women in Governance for its efforts in promoting gender parity in the workplace.

The Women in Governance Parity Certification serves to recognize organizations that have achieved results by articulating a commitment to gender parity in the workplace, integrating it to the ecosystem of the organization and implementing mechanisms to achieve that commitment and sustain it over time. CAE was awarded the Silver-level certification in 2021 and Bronze-level certification in 2019.

CAE is proud to have been recognized by this innovative standard for its efforts in diversity and inclusion​​​​​​​
CAE is proud to be included in the 2023 Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index The 2023 Gender-Equality Index highlights 484 companies across 45 countries that are trailblazers in their commitment to policy development, representation, and transparency in workplace gender reporting. Companies that are part of this index have established a new transparency norm, a core element inherent to the company’s commitment to gender equality.

Voluntarily, CAE and 483 companies worldwide are publicly releasing the numbers behind what they are doing to advance gender equality in their companies and communities. We are proud to be one of them for the fourth consecutive year!
Diversity & Inclusion:
A business imperative
At CAE, we’re proud of our noble purpose. We are also actively building a company that’s more open, progressive and people centric, and creating a workplace where all employees can feel accepted, included and valued for who they are.
Sharpening our focus on Diversity & Inclusion is both the smart and right thing to do. The more diverse our people are and the more inclusive our culture is, the more innovative and successful we’ll be in achieving our purpose. Greater diversity and inclusivity will also help us attract and retain top talent as well as better connect with customers worldwide.
Embedded in our values
Our commitment to fostering an increasingly diverse workforce and inclusive culture is rooted in our values.

As captured in our overarching value One CAE, we’re proud to work as one passionate, boundaryless and inclusive team with one common goal: to create success for all stakeholders, whether they’re employees, customers or shareholders. We know that we accomplish more together than each on our own. That’s why we embrace diversity and strive to create a work environment where all employees are valued, respected and safe. We promote employee wellbeing by focusing on employee recognition, development and having fun!
Our Diversity & Inclusion commitment
In keeping with our One CAE value, we’re committed to creating a culture and ecosystem where all employees feel valued, included and they belong, without regard to race, colour, religion, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, age or veteran status.

The immediate focus of our multi-year Diversity & Inclusion initiative is to foster an inclusive, gender-diverse, bias-free environment and strengthen the representation and development of women in leadership positions.
Accessibility statement
CAE is committed to ensuring that our online application process provides an equal employment opportunity to all job seekers, including individuals with disabilities. If you believe you need a reasonable accommodation in order to search for a job opening or to submit an application, please reach out.
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Short-term goals

While targets alone won’t create an inclusive culture, they do promote transparency and enable us to track our progress against our Diversity & Inclusion commitments. Here are a few of our shorter-term goals:
Benchmark current best practices and establish targets to increase the recruitment and placement of female leaders
(end of fiscal 2019)
Ensure 30% of Board members are women
(fiscal 2022)
Increase the number of female employees by at least 10%
(fiscal 2023)
Grow the number of high-potential employees in key roles by 20%, with 30% of newly identified high-potential employees being women
(fiscal 2023)

Our employees today

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Employment Equity in Canada

As a Canadian-based company, we’re committed to engaging in proactive employment practices to increase the representation in our workforce of four designated groups: women, people with disabilities, visible minorities and Aboriginal peoples.
Explore our Gender Equality Report 
We are proud to have our first-ever Gender Equality report FY23 edition.
In this report we provide transparency and accountability regarding our commitment to fostering a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace. While our DE&I program covers all underrepresented groups, this report offers a specific insight into the strategies, progress and ongoing efforts towards gender equity in our workplace.

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